Methods: Physical Address Verification, Digital Address Verification, and Postal Address Verification

Process of Address Verification:

  1. Physical Address Verification -  Every verifier carries a smartphone with OnGrid's app that is downloaded to the device. The verifier visits the candidate’s place of residence, speaks to the candidate or any person associated with them, confirms the address, takes a few pictures to verify, and submits the details. Once the details are received by OnGrid, a review call is made to the interviewee to confirm the details, post which the check is marked completed.
  2. Digital Address Verification - The candidate gets a link, the link opens in the browser (No App Required), goes through different questions, clicks pictures, and the GPS location is captured. This is matched with the address proof submitted by the candidate. 
  3. Postal Address Verification - A letter with a random 5-digit alpha-numeric pin is dispatched to the candidate's address via delivery partner. Basis the tracking details provided by the delivery partner, the OnGrid team checks if the letter has been delivered to the mentioned address. For the cases where the letter is delivered, the OnGrid team collects PIN from the individual via the following modes:
    • Incoming (via SMS/WhatsApp)

    • Outgoing (via call)

If the letter is not delivered despite making 03 attempts for the letter delivery, the letter is returned and the check is marked as "Not Traceable".