03 different types of reports can be downloaded from the OnGrid portal.

  • Summary Report - An excel report with summary of the various checks
  • PDF Reports - Individual check or consolidated report(s)
  • Progress Report - An excel report with details of the individuals and various check

Steps to be followed to fetch reports:

  • Log in to ongrid.in using the "Sign in" option
  • Select the community for which the report has to be downloaded
  • On the left navigation panel, click on "People" tab
  • Click on "Generate Report" icon to fetch reports
  • Enter the email ID or IDs on which the report has to be sent. Other IDs can be kept in cc or bcc
  • Select any one type of report to be downloaded from the dropdown lis
    • Progress report
    • Summary report
    • PDF report
  • Select the period of report i.e the Start date and End date
  • Click on "Download"