Cases where despite significant attempts from the OnGrid team, there is no conclusive result for the verification will now be completed as Unable To Verify. These are cases dependent on external parties. For Example: 

  • Ex-employer is non respondent to BGV requests.
  • University/ Institute doesn't has digitized records prior to a certain year.
  • The organization where the candidate worked has closed down or shut operations.

How is this different from Closed checks and will these cases be billed?

These are cases where significant efforts have been put in from the OnGrid team and hence will be billed. Closed cases on the other hand are where no or minimal efforts were put in from OnGrid and hence closed cases don’t get billed.

Recommendation after a check gets completed as Unable To Verify

We recommend ideally to get an alternative credential verified for the individual. For example - getting the second highest education degree verified or an employment record prior to the one completed as Unable To Verify.